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Do you take your cat out for a stroll?

Ahhhhhh cats … don’t you just love ’em! Does your cat get to venture out to the mighty outdoors? Cats truly are creatures of curiosity and adventure! Does your cat get enough stimulation at home? With the danger of letting our cats outdoors in Carlsbad, CA ~ many are building cat enclosures outside where they [...]

The Facts About Heartworm Disease

heartworm disease

The Facts About Heartworm Disease April is Heartworm awareness month. An estimated 27 million dogs are NOT on heartworm prevention. In 2001, over 240,000 dogs and 3,000 cats tested positive for heartworms. Heartworm disease is no joke! It is a serious disease and can be fatal if left untreated. Until recently it was thought that [...]

El Nino Threat to Dogs: Deadly Mushrooms!

With this being an El Nino year ~ everything is getting so lush and green. But beware! There is a negative side to this blessing from mother nature.  One of the negative consequences of all this moisture can be found right in your own yard – mushrooms are sprouting. With names like “Death Cap” and “Destroying [...]

Warning to all dog owners! Have you read the warnings about this product, Trifexis? Please be advised of the dangers of using Trifexis for fleas, heartworm, etc. Read a review of this product here…/hundreds-more-dog-deaths…/vCkz6M/. In addition ~ your professional pet sitter can help you by keeping a watchful eye to locate fleas on your [...]