Services Offered / Rates for Pet Sitting


Carrie with dogs at Divine Canine Pet Sitting

Welcome!! Our incredible services will allow your pets to remain in the comfort/safety of their own home. Your pets become part of our family ~ we truly love them as our very own! Every need they have will be met, from their diet to their exercise routine, as well as any medications, etc. Each pet home is different and we personalize care for each and every home. We also secure your home, bring in your packages, alternate lights, bring in mail, take out trash, and make your home look lived in while you are away. Hand written notes are kept at your home, detailing each visit for you.  Zip Codes served by us are 92011, 92009, 92008, 92010, 92024.

Our highest priority is the well being and happiness of your pets!

Carrie Seger ~ Owner

Divine Canine Pet Sitting Rates and Services

green-paw Dog Walking
 30 minute walk $25
Our energetic, happy walks include a positive time for your pet. Your dog will get great exercise and potty time. Walking with us is fun, positive, and happy! A tired dog is a happy dog! Notes are left after each walk to let you know how your dog enjoyed his time out with us. Fresh water, and offering your treats are also included. Walks are provided for leash-trained dogs only. Dogs who are leash-reactive/aggressive or pull excessively are not candidates for our services, we suggest you work with a trainer first.

* Outside our service area (but within zip codes listed above), we add $5

* Each additional dog in household (walked at same time) $5


green-paw Vacation and Travel Care (Visits)

Our in-home visits are 30 minutes in length. Second pet is free! We provide exercise (one walk per day for well mannered, friendly dogs), feedings, fresh water, and medications. In addition, we bring in your mail, newspapers, and packages. We also take out your trash, alternate lights/blinds, and secure your home by making it look lived in. We also stay in touch with you via text, email, or phone if preferred. We leave a daily log of notes at your home each visit to let you know in detail how things are going.

1 – 2 Pets

$30 / visit

* We require at least two visits per day for dogs, and one visit per day for cats.

* Rate is for 1-2 pets. Each additional pet is $5/each pet, each visit.

* Pet care prices can vary depending on what your needs are. This will be discussed at your consultation.

* $10/each visit added for all holidays.

* Outside our service area (but within zip codes listed above) $5 added each visit.

green-paw Cat Care

$30/visit (second cat is free!)

*Visits are 20-30 minutes long and we provide everything needed for your cat with all the care it needs while you are away.

*Feedings/litter box cleaning/medications/mail brought in/trash taken out/your home secured/all the love your kitty needs!